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Peter Wuyts

Nov 30, 2019

Today 1 year ago I took a brave step.

A step into the unknown.

A step in the real ‘Hero’s Journey’ discovering the true meaning of life.

Heros journey

Today 1 year ago I took a brave step.
A step into the unknown.
A step in the real ‘Hero’s Journey’ discovering the true meaning of life.

Something I had never done before.
Something I thought I would never do.
I had no f*cking clue where I got my self in “again”.
This was an important theme in the grand adventure which I was not really prepared to step into ...

I was not alone, I met my new brothers. 
They took this journey before in some way.
For me … it was completely new.
And my new brothers looked at me ... that is a brave step that you are going to take …

True … but it came with loads of resistance … where the mentor of the journey had to be at the top of his game.
The first time crossing the threshold, wow … discovering The Matrix.
Is there more than our eyes can see? 
A question we all ask ourselves once or more in our lifetimes.
It was something I had never experienced before. 
Discovery of new dimensions.

The next day the work continued but it was far from joyride.
It was more like hell.
Why am I doing this to myself? Again?
Something that may sound familiar?
Why, Why, Why… that was the question that came back every time …

1 year later I can look at it differently and it's true, what was I doing to myself all these years?
Self sabotage, inflicting emotional pain, not healing the pains and scars of the past ...
So it was not the journey that was painful but discovering the pains and scars that was a real pain.
But the more resistance I displayed, the more pain I Inflicted on myself.
I wanted to get out …  I wanted to go home ...
And that's true, but after a year ... “I wanted to get out … wanted to go home.” is the best metaphor, for what happened.

Day 3. No I’m not ready for this. 
The night was terrible ... I was not able to sleep because going to sleep felt like dying.
But the journey continued and my mentor had a great gift with me.
So he shifted the strategy and used extra tools.
And after 30 minutes I was more or less ready to step into the journey again.
Remembering everything I learned … just trust the process and breath …
At first the resistance was still high, no no, not again!

But then I surrender to it …  yes it felt like dying ...
But if you know the steps in the ‘hero’s journey’, you know that after death comes … rebirth.
But you have to trust the process!

Then magic started to happen.
I was going deep into The Matrix and discovered the light, the source.
Finding the first key. The vibration was the key.
And I got back with the Elixir.
Wow, what a journey, what an experience!

You just have to imagine that you are at the edge of our atmosphere and that you are dropped back to earth, with no parachute. The only thing you can do is develop wings on your way down.
But at first, when you hit the ground, it feels like all ground is gone.
You stripped of everything and you need to rebuild yourself from scratch.

That same day we took an even deeper journey.
At a certain point I did see important parts of my life pass by. Like people having a near death experience.
Why I did what I did ... why I do what I do …
And it all made sense … I discovered why the whole 3D and Virtual reality thing is so important for me.
I returned with new transformations and more Elixir.

The last day. I took the journey together with my new brothers.
It was a mixed experience with good parts and not so good parts.
For me it was one journey to much at that point.
But without that … 1 year later, I would not be where I am today!
Sleeping was still a challenge. Surrendering was still a skill to learn.

Time to return home. 
The outside world looked totally different.
People looked totally different.
On the way home from the airport they played, Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies on the radio … There are many hidden truths in music and movies.
I wrote a special homecoming letter to my lovely wife Iris. Trying to explain the experience and the journey.
As nothing could be the same anymore ...

The next few days were really about finding myself again, or better, rebuilding myself.
Sleeping was still an issue. I had to surrender to a very big thing … the fear of dying. 
Once I surrendered to that, I could sleep again.

The next 3-4 months where still challenging.
I had a lot of shit to clean up, pain to heal, people to forgive ...

It was time for a new start once all the shit was cleaned up.
New things came into my direction.
Very nice things started to happen.
I had great/crazy ideas, proposed it to people and they said yes ... New companies were set up.
It's not that there were no challenges and obstacles anymore but they were way easier to take.

In my journeys I created a certain process, this to return back from the darkplace I also went ... And I was now on a quest to discover if the processes are correct and working.
And yes they are!

In the last few months so much has happened.
It was like a domino game, every day new waves of possibilities collapsed into new insights and knowledge. But also in a sort of new power and strength.
I would like to be able to lift the veil of the matrix and to see things as they are.
Being able to attract people and circumstances.
From a big do-er I became to BE.
Being in flow instead of always fighting reality.

That led to the most profound insights.
Because a question that everybody asks him/herself is … what is my purpose in life? What am I doing here?

You can discover your true purpose, but ask just 1 question … over and over until you discover it.

Do you want to know the question?

Well, it's on itself a very simple question.
“What would you do if you knew that the universe supports you always and will give you want you need at the right time, what would you do?” 
At first the superficial answers will come.
But keep asking yourself this question until you can bring it back to 1 word … and when you say it, you will feel that it is true. It will be like a big AHA moment!

But then the question will come ...
How do I use this in my life and in my business?
That's also a big question.

A way to find out is to deeply understand/embody a quote that I manifest.

The goal is just to be the light

“The goal is just to be the light.
To inspire others to become the light.
To give them the confidence to be the light
So we all are the beingness of the light.” 

Asking yourself the main question, and translating it into the embodiment of the quote is the gateway to create a life in flow, where the things you are looking for will find you.

So my question to you, how is the beingness of the light going for you?

Thank you to my brothers and mentor for their support on this journey. 

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Peter Wuyts

human being

Nov 30, 2019


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