What if you could bring back all problems in the world to 1 cause?

Peter Wuyts

Sep 21, 2019

And what if there would also be 1 simple solution?!

You look around you and you know and feel that something is not right.
Or does it just seem to be the case that nowadays everything seems to be going wrong with the world and humanity?!

You look around yourself and are confronted with many challenges that we humans have with the world.

world on fire

You see many, many people around you that are not happy.
You see many, many people that are questioning the purpose of their life.
You see a world where social media seems to be dictating the worldview. Everything and everybody is happy flappy and splendor.
You see that the world and the climate are not doing all too well...

You don't just see it, you feel it too!
You feel something is not right and if we do not all change our ways, it will quickly go wrong.

There are those days that this makes you very unhappy, where you start questioning everything. Especially what the real purpose in your life is?!

All those struggles and challenges.
And when you read this, you start getting an ominous feeling in your stomach...

If that's the case, then I have very good news!
You are not alone!

We are all looking for solutions.
That is why we look at the leaders of our world.
Or we look at the CEO's of big companies.
We look at the people around us.

And then we wonder; what are we going to do about it and who will do it?

What if we could reduce all these struggles and challenges to 1 cause. And with that also only need 1 solution?
Would this make you hopeful?
Would this change the ominous feeling in your stomach to a positive feeling?
Because yes, there is only 1 cause and thus only 1 required solution.
What’s even better news is that once you acquire this insight, it becomes possible for everybody to solve this problem.
1 cause, 1 solution does not sound so difficult.
But I can already tell you that it will not be so easy.

There was a day where I realized what this cause and solution were.
And you might say; Could that really be it?! And now, almost 1 year later, I’ve discovered that I am not alone . . .
And that others have realized this way before me.

Which then brings the question; why have we not gotten a single step further? (that’s a discussion for another blog)

Even Karl Marx wrote about the cause.
Even the Mayans, Egyptians and Indians knew it…
But where did it go wrong?

It is time that you discover THE cause and THE solution of it all.
Everything can be brought back to the disconnect with our true selves.
 (are we getting woolly now É)
And therefore, the solution is a connection with our true selves.
 (oei ... verbondenheid … een modewoord?)

But this disconnect can be brought back to 4 basic levels.
And even if you think this is woolly, once you understand the first 3 you can hardly deny the 4th one.

1. Disconnect from nature/surroundings.

As people we have succeeded in becoming a stranger to our own worlds. We are the only animal that feels lost in its environment. We have all left our natural habitat. We live and work in an environment of stone, metal, concrete and plastic. So, is it that weird that we have lost our connection with the true nature?
Is it so we weird that we sometimes long to be back in a more natural environment? Woods, water, the sun, those actually feel more like home than your house, right?
If you are feeling down and go for a walk in nature, this immediately makes you feel better right?
So, is it really weird that people in a city or a densely populated area, with little to no nature, feel less happy and healthy?

2. Disconnect from other people.

If we are descendants from apes, we are naturally group animals.
However, we have succeeded in living together with for example 22 million people in 1 city where more people feel alone than ever before. Yes, we have social media, where we might have 500+ friends … But how many real, deep human connections do we still have?
You might think, with my partner, children, … I’ve still got a deep connection with them …
In that case I dare challenge you to think about this carefully, which will likely result in you realizing that is not really the case…
Never have people lived so separated from each other as today.
Never have we been as divided as we are today… watch the news for an hour and you will see nothing but messages that divide us more … more than ever before …

2bis. Disconnect with society.

Something you keep seeing more often, is people not feeling at home in our society.
They no longer feel engaged with politics.
The opposite is true. People feel strongly opposed towards politics resulting in the extreme right and left gaining more traction and success.
Society feels like something that is playing out way over our heads, where we have very little say in what happens. This results mostly in alienation from the world.
This is all greatly amplified by the extremely negative view that the news and media keep portraying.

3. Disconnect with the purpose in our life.

A question that everybody asks themselves at some point in their life; what’s the purpose of life?
Is this maybe the most important question we can ask ourselves?
It is however the case that in the first 20 years of our life, we do not get an answer to this question.
Besides the things that surround us … what we learn in school … what we hear from the media…
And then we can’t help but notice that life is all but beautiful…
There are so many things we must do! We need to go along with a system, that is called the economical society. We have to behave and do what the boss tells us to do.
This system was installed 200-300 years ago, and while we think the school system is modern … it still follows the same principles as it used to.
Graduate, do what your boss tells you to, buy a house, make sure you outperform your parents, and 2 days per week and 4 weeks per year you can do something you like ( or maybe to word it more correctly; waste time on things that help the economy grow).
Is there even 1 school that teaches you to do something else than exchange your time for money?
Or that teaches you to be happy, socialize with other, to find the purpose in life?
Are we really surprised that so many people are stuck in their lives?
Being stuck to that brick in your stomach, being stuck to material things for the next 25 years?
Are we so surprised that so many people have no idea what they do at work, because the only thing that counts is to hopefully be able to pay the bills at the end of the month?
Are we so surprised that so many people are unhappy in life and see life as a battle with others, but nowadays more and more as a battle with themselves?

4. Disconnect with the deeper you.

If you add the first 3 forms of disconnect … could it be that many people have lost the disconnect with themselves?
Resulting in little to no purpose in life.
Making them act in ways that only encourage this whole situation, strengthening the disconnect?
This poses the following question; where does this disconnect start?
That is a complex answer.
But when one tries to keep this simple, it’s a vicious cycle that strengthens itself.
This disconnect probably originates from ourselves, with the other 3 originating from this and so on.

But what is the cause of all this?

We know what the solution is, the deep connection with our true self.
Imagine a CEO of a big company with ill intentions, or a top politician with bad intentions or a big criminal … Imagine that they have a deep connection with their true selves … would they display the behavior that they are displaying now?
The answer is simply no!

What would the world and humanity look like if everyone took 3 moments every day to think about a few important questions in a natural environment. To take time for themselves. To make a connection with nature, other people, the purpose in life.
Be it in the form of prayer, regardless of religion, or any form of meditation, any form really…
I ask you to think about this.
This is something everybody can do and it is the start of the only solution that we need for humanity and the world to be saved from our own organized doom.

The solution is in every one of us!
It’s something that everybody can do.

Many will think that it can’t be that easy?

What do you think?
I would love to hear what you think!
If you read this whole article, something inside of you must have woken up.

If you agree with me, share this message with the world.
There must be people in your network who would love to read this.
Let’s bring that one solution to life with small and easy steps.

Do you disagree?
I would love to hear why you disagree!
Let’s talk about it, I would love to hear your vision and possible solutions ..

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Peter Wuyts

human being

Sep 21, 2019


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