The Cave of Plato

Peter Wuyts

Sep 14, 2019

You can feel something is not right in the world and wonder what you can do about it?!

It seems like the world is under hypnosis … but everybody does notice that something isn’t quite right …

Everybody is playing with the idea that things can’t continue as they are …

cave of plato.

But nobody seems to actually be doing anything …
Then we wonder; why is this the case?

The fear for change?

Imagine you are trapped in a cave …
You are tied up, can’t move your body nor your head.
Your eyes are so tired that you can hardly keep them open …
Because you have been trapped here for years.
On a regular basis somebody feeds you a pulp that keeps you alive … if you can even call this alive anymore …

Day and night there is always something to be seen.
You see all kinds of shades and shadows that appear to be dancing … but you can’t really make anything out of it.
You have been seeing this for years, meaning you have been under hypnosis for so long that you really think that this is reality.

On one day you get lucky! Through time a rope got loose and day after day you succeed to get it looser and looser.
After several week you are completely free!

The only question that remains is what you should do now?!
This has been your world and reality for years … It seems as though it will be forever.
You have forgotten what it was like before this.

The next morning you awake and think to yourself; this is the day, I’m going to do it, I’m breaking free!
And you take the step.

You discover the situation you were really in, and for the first time see the truth about things you have been assuming for years. Admittedly under hypnosis. But you now realise it has been one big illusion.
A projection of what you thought to be real but turned out to be false.

Because the dancing shades you saw, in reality they are shadows of people passing a fire that was behind you.
The dancing of flames produced these dancing shadows.
Suddenly everything becomes clear and the entirety of it becomes very logical.
Now that you are awake and out of hypnosis, you think; now it is time to wake other people up…
I have to tell them!

You untie them and tell them what is going on. That everything is one big illusion!
Only the others do not respond as you had expected …
You expected that they would be happy and that they would discover the truth behind the illusion.

However, something else happens … they become mad, very mad …
And now they want you dead!

Are you prepared to take this step?
Because it is very difficult to release other people from their hypnosis …
What will you do?
I would love to hear from you!

By :

Peter Wuyts

human being

Sep 14, 2019


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