The story of Money (a story on the biggest lies)

Peter Wuyts

Oct 20, 2019

Why do so many people struggle with money?
Or must we say, why do almost ALL people struggle with money?
Even, it is just a story that has been told …


If I ask you, is the human being the smartest and strongest and fastest animal? What would you answer? 
No, we are definitely not the strongest and fastest for sure! 
The smartest ... that's debatable. 
Depends on how you define smart?
Yes, we became a smart animal that today controls the world.
This is something no other animal has ever done before.
50000 years ago, our impact in the world was less than a mosquito.
But we managed to spread and evolve fast.

Now we are coming close to a point where we are destroying our home, earth.
And by that extinct, ourselves ...
How did it come so far?

What makes us different from all the other animals we know?
We are not the fastest, biggest, strongest and not the smartest because we have the ability to destroy everything.
We have a few skills that no other animal seems to have ...

We have a large brain that has the most computing power.
And this allows us to develop a few skills.

We have something that is called “Imagination”, the ability to think about stuff that is not real.
This allows us to create fiction. And we can turn fiction into stories.
And stories are a great way to pass knowledge from 1 generation to another.
Something in our brain appears to be optimized for stories.
And by that, we can store and retain information.

People who can remind 1000 numbers of the number PI don't do this by the number but by linking the numbers to locations or objects. They are creating stories. That way, it is way easier to remember!

We know from the cave painting in Lascaux (France) that we started to make things visual by painting stories.

As a kid you probably liked bedtime stories.
Why? Oh yes, stories can spark our imagination.
When you hear a story about a prince or a princess, you became one :-)
If you heard a story about climbing a big bean plant, you imagined that you climbed it too. And the next day you would play a similar story with a simple broomstick and robe.

As humans we have the ability to create our own reality. We can imagine something based on a story and on many levels we experience it as real. 
That is something that makes us special as animals.
This ‘skill’ made it possible to transform the earth in a few 1000 years, which on cosmic scale is not even an eye blink! 
What has this to do with money? EVERYTHING.

“We can belief in something that is not real ...”

Most humans have a belief in a ‘god’. And the last 2000 years were controlled by religion. 
Most religions have something like, if you don't obey these rules, you’ll go to a bad place if you die. If you behave, you’ll go to a good place. 
Just try to explain this to a dog … good luck if you try to educate your dog with this story.
He will only learn if you give him some food threats if he behaves well. Sure, that is just conditioning! For the dog this is food but we as humans are conditioned with mainly stories!

At first this can sound shocking but almost everything in our history and our future, is based on stories and a common belief in this story!
There are millions of people believing in Jesus, Mohamed or Abraham. Which are in the end 3 religions that are based on the same God but how many people are killed based on believing another version of the same story?

How do we organize society? Based on rules, rights, obligations, values, ... But have you ever been able to hold one of these in your hand? Have you ever seen them?
The answer is NO!
We are told these stories over and over again and most people believe them. 
Because underlying we all believe in some way in good and bad. 
That’s our ‘conscience’ that makes up some good and bad stories. 
Based on all the stories we learn even before the day we are born, the things we see, hear, feel, sense, over and over. That is basically ‘the programming’ we all receive. 
This programming and stories will create our world. But for most people this will be different. 
For each dog a piece of meat is a piece of meat = food.
For a human, it can be way more than food.

The same with countries or definition of race. We say this is our country because (most) people belief the same story. In 18.. whatever, we defeated our bad neighbour king who took our land and now we claim that from now on this is our land and our flag again. So, we are proud of this, we are the best, ...(the story) and anybody who tries to take our land or flag again, we will kill. This in our land! And we get attached to this story.
Every war is unfortunately started because enough people believed the story about the bad guys ...

What does all this have to do with money? Everything!
It's important to understand first what stories do with us, how we operate as humans. Most of what we experience is an illusion. 
Because we attach a secondary meaning, a feeling, a memory to almost everything.
Sure we see a part of meat as meat. But we give it an additional meaning. Some will say, the best food in the world, other will say animal cruelty. We add an additional dimension to it. We create a dual reality!

And we just believe that the color green is green because we were told over a 1000 times ... when you see something that looks like this, that is green. And after 1000 times you say, yes it’s green.
But when you have been told, it’s red, you will say that it’s red. Even if the rest of the world will tell you that you are crazy (or colorblind) because it’s green. But who ever decided it’s green? Who came up with that? Just a frequency of waves falling into our photoreceptor and then we imagined it’s color?!
And we all say it’s green, because we all accepted the story, it’s green.

What has this to do with money? EVERYTHING!
(and not because the dollar bill is green)
So take a look at money, what is it? 
Well, today most money are just 1’s and 0’s because most of the money today is just digital.
Sure we have paper money and coins. 
But we all know a 500€ bill, the paper is not worth the 500€.
Even a 50 cent coin is not worth 50 cents in material.
So what the hell are we doing? How did we get here?

Because most people on this earth today, believe the story of money.
The story of money is told us over and over again, from the day we are born until we die.
It's a story we are confronted with every day ... multiple times.
Not everybody believes in a God but most people believe in the money story.
And so far, money is the most successful storytelling ‘scam’ we as humans managed to create.

How many people are killed for their belief in a religion story? But what happens if most people believe the money story?

I can go to the store and exchange some pieces of (worthless) paper or some 1’s and 0’s for a piece of meat.
Try this with your dog, he will keep the piece of meat.
Why? Because we humans all believe and accept the story of money. 

What is a company?  Let's say a big company like Google or Apple.
It’s a group of people that believe in a common story. We have the best search engine or the best electronic devices. But is that true? Or do we accept it as true because we believe the story they tell? What if other companies are delivering the exact same product/service or solution? Are Yahoo or Bing bad search engines? Does Samsung build bad smartphones or tablets? And some people who are reading this will say; how dare you to compare Google with Bing or say that one is better than the other. And some people are willing to get killed based on how strong they belief a story. Even over a search engine!

But why do we believe these stories? Simple, on itself! That stories are called “marketing”. Can you tell a story good enough and convincing enough that people will believe it? And that enough people will believe it so that the story actually becomes true and becomes a new reality? And by that, a duality is created.  
A very convincing story so I’m willing to give my (for most people) scarcest imaginary money to buy in this story?  We buy in this story because we believe it will bring us some value, some experience, some good (feeling). 
It's all about who can tell the best story! So when you believe this story, you tell yourself even a better one in the future. 

If you start to understand the power of storytelling, you can do a lot (good and bad).
If you can tell a good story that enough people are willing to believe, you can create a new ‘imaginary’ reality which is completely true for those who believe it. That creates a duality with the people who will not believe it.

Today we see a lot of these dualities, but today they call it polarization.
You have people who don't believe anything about climate change or global warming and there are others who would die for it. Now, throw this in the mix of the story of money and you have a great combination for disaster!
And polarization stated, most poor people are against any actions because they are scared that it will cost them their jobs. It will cost them their imaginary money and it will make their lives even worse.
On the other hand you have the wealthy people and big corporations who are also against actions because they are afraid it will shrink their revenues and it will cost them a lot of their imaginary money and it will make their lives worse.

But just remember that the trees, the birds and the bees are experiencing that their homes are being destroyed by other animals with imaginary ideas about their bad lives that drives them to their own extinction.  

Once you understand it's just a story and an illusion, it gets time to stop telling the old stories.
It's time to tell another story, one about a better life for us all!
That's something we can start doing by ourselves ...

I’m curious to what you think about this story about money.
Do you agree or not?
What's your point of view.
Let me know below.

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Peter Wuyts

human being

Oct 20, 2019


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